Château La Vernède in Nissan lez Ensérune

Jean-Marc Ribet takes passion and pride in his work on the Estate. Today, Château La Vernède is a modern and competitive business with its focus firmly fixed on the future. It is the result of a passion that has been passed down through the generations for over 100 years! Although the Vernède vineyard benefits from a particularly favourable natural environment, it also benefits from the know-how and care of the successive generations of men and women who work on it. Considerable work and investment in both the cellars and in the vines have gone into improving the quality of the wines over the past twenty years. Alongside this, major decisions were taken in terms of cultural practice and commercial growth. Producing a diverse and high-quality range of agriculture; keeping a country way of life alive; protecting the environment; preserving the countryside: these are the commitments that Jean-Marc Ribet has been upholding since 1995.

Château de la Vernède 34440 Nissan lez Ensérune • Téléphone : +33 (0) 4 67 37 00 30 • Fax : +33 (0) 4 67 37 60 11
Coordonnées GPS : 03° 06' 26'' Est, 43° 15' 31'' Nord •

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